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LeadPress Has Launched!

LeadPress launched this week, offering mortgage lenders a much need premium option for establishing a superior online presence. The mortgage space is infamous for employing severely out of of date and sometimes tacky websites in the quest for generating mortgage leads. LeadPress fixes the problems exhibited by most mortgage websites today such as employing Full […]

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The Evolution of Online Mortgage Lead Generation

(Disclosure: I receive income from websites I own and build that generate mortgage leads.) The mortgage lead generation model as we know it is severely broken. Not surprisingly, it has been broken for quite some time. Need proof? Ask any consumer that has submitted their information via a “LowerMyBills” style application (where you can compare […]

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Target Publishers Continues to Scam Mortgage Companies

I just received yet another call from a mortgage broker asking me for information regarding a mortgage lead company called Target Publishers. This time the broker received my information via records at the Reno Courthouse. I’ve been receiving such calls for the past two years since I first did business with Target Publishers. All of […]

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Lower My Bills Hall of Fame

Which Lower My Bills ads do you have in your collection? I’m collecting them all and have 5 so far! You must collect all 25 to become the Supreme Chinpokomon Champion! Inspired by this.

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