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Fast Mortgage Rate Quotes Hacked Day 4: No Announcement, Users Wait in Silence

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(Previous coverage – Hacked Day 1 / Hacked Day 2 / Hacked Day 3 )

In an unfortunate turn of events, has failed to acknowledge its website and or servers were breached and has failed to inform users whether or not personal data was compromised. This is disturbing on a number of levels. While the breach may have been as simple as a flawed wordpress plugin or much worse, nobody can know for sure due to’s failure to communicate. Failure to Communicate Fallout:

  • It signals to users that they are not valued and builds distrust and disloyalty in users.
  • Fails to inform users if their data was compromised, on a legal basis, my guess is that users have a right to be informed as such.
  • Is counterproductive to fostering community.
  • Shows lack of leadership on the part of team members.
  • Gives credence to criticism that does not act in members’ best interests.

Common Courtesy. After repeatedly informing that their website had been compromised, they failed to acknowledge our requests and failed to give us any feedback on the situation at hand. Oddly enough, despite their lack of communication with BrokerScience and users, their IP Address,, shows up as one of the most frequent visitors in BrokerScience traffic logs.

To be more specific, the IP Address of shows up. It is not clear whether HomeStore is now considered a parent or partner of or whether it only shows up because the ARIN record has not been updated since 2001. It does, however, serve as a reminder of’s past and may provide a clue to the company culture that exists that would allow such a basic, preventable and unheard of gaffe to occur.

BrokerScience IP Address Traffic Log

NetRange: -

OrgName:, Inc
OrgID:      HOMEST-7
Address:    30700 Russell Ranch Rd
City:       Westlake Village
StateProv:  CA
PostalCode: 91362
Country:    US

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