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Dear This is How You Communicate With Your Users

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Redfin suffered about the worst occurrence a datacenter can endure, fire. They still beat by 12 hours with only 5 hours of downtime compared to’s 17 hours of downtime or 53 hours of downtime if you include the 36 hours of in-action before going offline for 17 hours after  their blog was hacked. In fact, the once daily posts on the blog have ceased altogether for over  two weeks, so it is apparent that the problem is  not under control, unless giving hard working / blogging Realtors less exposure is part of an unannounced strategy.

That’s right, their datacenter caught fire and they still smoked, pun intended. There is only one right way to handle such a situation: quickly, honestly and transparently. If Redfin gets this, why can’t

Chris Neitzert Sorts Through Charred Rubble of Redfin Datacenter

There was a fire in the Seattle-based data center that Redfin uses to host our web servers, causing a loss of service between approximately 5 a.m. and 10 a.m. Pacific Time. The entire data center was shut down by the fire department, including universal power supplies. Thanks to Redfin’s Chris Neitzert and his team, the site is now up and running. Throughout the interruption, our agents have of course stayed at their posts working with clients. But as the data center installs new equipment, it is possible that we will experience much-briefer interruptions in our website service around midnight tonight. We will continue to be available by telephone at 877-973-3346 or through the direct number our clients have for their agents.
For now, we apologize for the interruption in our service.

Aftermath of Blog Hack

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3 Responses to “Dear This is How You Communicate With Your Users”

  • Ouch. That sucks. Guess the RE community has to learn how to secure their blogs. And not just that- stop announcing every time they get hacked. EARTH TO REnet: hackers look for sites that advertise their vulnerabilities. Most people have no idea that blogs can be more vulnerable to hacks than regular websites because you can be dealing with opensource code which allows hackers to see the vulnerabilities, third party plugins that may be badly written and and comment WYSIWYG editors that can open other security holes. This community needs to learn to lock down their systems from the server level right through the to the blog software. It’s embarrassing to see this kind of stuff. Real developers understand security.

  • I hear you but the vulnerabilities are the same announced or not… and a site like is not a mom and pop blog….this is a preeminent internet property….. there should be a team taking care of these issues…. we’re on week three now with no blog postings……you are right, it is embarrassing…. heads should have rolled weeks ago over the inaction and lack of communication… there is no captain overseeing the ship….it is lost at sea.

  • I agree with Trace. Realtors pay a pretty penny for this site not including upgrades. I know colorado springs real estate agents do anyway. has plenty in their budget to make sure this kind of thing does not happen. There should be a department in place watching for this. Monster companies do not always think so clearly I guess.

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