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Feedburner Testing Real Estate Blogging Groups

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I just noticed BrokerScience articles coming up in an odd looking feed along with articles from Inman and Bloodhound, among others. I traced feed to this non working domain (update: it is now working) indicates it is the future home of a Feedburner “ Real Estate and Mortgage Blogging Group“. TechCrunch reported testing on feedburner blogging groups over a year and a half ago, so perhaps there is a roll out coming soon or perhaps just more testing. Although it’s hard to tell, this does not look like a user generated group, but if that’s the case, we will follow up.

Oddly enough a google search for “feedburner blogging groups” only returns the real estate and mortgage blogging group mentioned above.

UPDATE: Shortly after publishing this story, the above domain in question, was working and is down again. It looks like the Real Estate and Blogging Group is official. Unfortunately it looks like BrokerScience is not included in the final blogroll. :(

UPDATE 2: Link is down again….. testing it is. Here is a link for the google cache.

UPDATE 3: Dan Green confirmed this is a group he created but as of yet, creating groups is not a feature available to the public.


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6 Responses to “Feedburner Testing Real Estate Blogging Groups”

  • I will have to ping him….we’ve spoken in the past…. I can’t find ANYTHING on how one creates these networks, but considered it could be user generated …. that’s why I snuck the user generated part in there to protect myself. :)

  • Talk to Dan Green at

    He started this “feed network” a long time ago. Don’t think it ever really go any traction.

    Dan’s a *great* guy.

  • How does one start a group? I couldn’t find any documentation…..

  • Hey, Trace. Yeah, that was me. I started the group as a convenience for me and my readers — kind of a non-blogroll blogroll with news-at-a-glance.

    Coincidentally, I had only pulled the link from my blog late last week but I don’t think it had anything to do with the “feed not found” error you got. As soon as I realized that Google’s built-in feed reader was stable (and pretty awesome), I stopped collecting feeds in the FeedBurner network.

    There are maybe 12 different bloggers whose blogs publish there. Please don’t take offense that your feeds weren’t included — like I said, I stopped reaching out to people about it a while ago.

  • I’ll email you offline, okay?

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