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ePerks: A Case Study in Greed and Self-Imposed Brand Destruction

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As the demand for transparency in business continues to grow in the brave new web two point something world of today, maintaining your company’s brand has never been more important. For this reason it has never been as crucial for companies to not only engage and interact with their customers in new online mediums and environments, but to do so honestly and ethically. When this does not occur the result can be brand damage that is sometimes close to or beyond repair. Case in point,, a consumer based real estate focused portal that has clearly defined how not to nurture, market, and grow your brand. launched in 2007 to connect consumers with professionals in the real estate, automotive and home improvement verticals, with an emphasis on real estate. Real estate agents pay territory based subscription fees and share commissions with ePerks on completed sales. ePerks was Founded by Behnam (Ben) Behrouzi, 27, who also co-founded with his uncle, Payam Zamani (founder of and one John Truchard. The three founders also founded (Ben’s profile subsequently removed from Ben also owns Echostar Financial (update: they have gone out of business), a mortgage company, Brabus Real Estate (update: link removed, out of business), and Brabus Ventures (update: links removed, out of business).

Marketing the ePerks Way

Paid Review Posts. ePerks launched by engaging in pay per post marketing (where blogs are paid to write a review of the company). Pay per post marketing is controversial because of the ethical dilemna it presents to marketers because it is inherently deceptive in nature, lacks transparency (many blogs do not disclose or poorly disclose that they have been paid to write a review) and reviews are by and large positively biased. Consumers can usually spot a fake endorsement a mile away and this means that the goal of raising awareness of a brand has been successful via these paid posts, but in reverse. Consumers are now aware of your brand, product and or service, but have been made so through a medium that inherently builds mistrust and skepticism about your company. Many still, would argue that pay per post campaigns have little reach and influence even when properly executed.

Seeding Positive Comments in Paid Posts, Forums and Blogs. ePerks then took the step of starting fake forum posts like this one by “RKS6” which are easily identifiable when they are created by users that create a new account on a forum and only make one or two posts regarding the company they are spamming for. Then they seeded their paid posts with false praise of ePerks and started seeding other forum discussion threads (another example of “RKS6” inquiring about ePerks similar to many inquiries by “RKS6” on various forums and blogs). Many of the seeded comments are little more then thinly shield corporate talking points and never include links or contact information that can be verified. We were able to find two commenters with positive ePerks feedback that did have verifiable contact information but both declined to comment for this story and both said they longer worked ePerks due to ePerks performance issues.

The screenshot above is from perhaps the most humorous example of ePerk’s use of seeded forum comments where there are dozens of fake ePerks comments. This forum automatically assigns a city to each comment based on IP address, making it simple to see which comments are fake. In this example all one has to do is note which posts are from Brentwood, CA to spot the fake ePerks comments. This isn’t always reliable though because ePerks likely pays people to seed fake comments from different states and IP addresses but in this case a good number are obviously fake, especially those purporting to be satisfied ePerks users that are in Washington, for example, even though their IP address has outed them as being in Brentwood as occurs with dozens of other fake ePerks testimonials.

This entire blog (update: link removed as blog has been password portected), started by “Michael K” is dedicated to getting ePerks “feedback” so that the “Michael K” can make a decision as to whether or not he is going to join ePerks. Not surprisingly, there is nothing but glowing praise about ePerks in the comments.

Again, consumers can spot comment spam very quickly and there are fewer things more despised online more then spam in the form of fake forum posts or fake comments in blog posts or forum theads. Ultimately, the paid blog posts and fake forum posts have served as a launching pad for ePerks users to vent and complain about their bad ePerks experiences.

Spam. Legitimate companies and smart brands do not spam for obvious reasons. Many have complained about ePerks spam and I too have received it. Spamming is one of the single best ways to build distrust and resentment towards your brand.

Poor Marketing Decisions. Commercials like this are not only offensive to your intended client base of real estate agents but some might argue are unnecessarily lacking the taste and sensibility necessary to engage the public in a meaningful way.

ePerks Performance

Execution. Performance is marketing through execution and based on online user complaints about ePerk’s performance, they seem to be failing to achieve user satisfaction on a large scale. Complaints include claims of being misled about how ePerks works and the results that can be expected, failure to honor an in place refund policy, charging credit cards after accounts were canceled, difficulty in canceling services, lack of communication (especially once a complaint was lodged), failing to produce results and misrepresentations about promotions such as a super bowl commercial to generate traffic to the site, among others. Virtually any forum thread or blog post you can find about ePerks is bound to include user negative feedback with consistent complaints about ePerks performance across the board.

The Tale of the Tape. The ePerks model enables ePerks users to pay for the right to receive leads for specific zip codes that are generated on In exchange for the monthly fees members pay ePerks, ePerks is responsible for marketing and advertising to bring traffic to the site that can then be converted to leads. ePerks, like most online lead generation companies will see an increase in the leads they generate as they increase their online ad spending and media buys. If they do not increase their traffic as they add users, the number of leads should remain constant overall, but will decrease on a per user basis as more users are added. For this reason, ideally, they should use internal data to estimate the number of page views necessary to generate their desired baseline or target number of leads per user. This would enable them to estimate how much ad spend is required on a per user basis and as they add users, can estimate the required total online ad spending / marketing budget based on users participating and adjust it as necessary. Theoretically, as the company grows, so should their traffic as they increase ad and marketing spend to achieve the traffic necessary to meet their per user lead targets.

Example Based on Generic Numbers: If ePerks determines that they want to generate 15 leads per user per month and it takes 500 page views to generate one lead, they will then know that they will need to generate around 7500 page views per user per month (500 page views x 15) to generate the necessary 15 leads per user. If they estimate it will cost $15 to generate 1000 page views then they can estimate it will cost $112.50 ($15 x 7.5 = 7500 page views) to generate 15 leads per user.

As they add users, their ad spend (assuming advertising costs don’t change) and overall site traffic should increase. If their number of users stays the same, their ad spend and traffic should go sideways to maintain the necessary lead generation required to hit user lead targets and if they decrease their user base, their ad spend and traffic should decrease. They should maintain a volume of traffic that is equivalent with generating the page views and leads necessary to satisfy their existing pool of paid users.

The chart above shows an approximate 75% reduction in traffic from March to May. If their traffic is tied to their ad spend as necessitated by the number of users participating as I demonstrated above, then there has been a clear exodus of ePerks users away from the company.

Reality. The much more likely possibility that ePerks never engaged in a marketing campaign tied to the size of their user base which would explain user complaints of receiving few or no leads. In this scenario, users would not be receiving a consistent or adequate amount of leads because of the liklihood that there was inadequate marketing / traffic to begin with and as new users were added to the pool, they only served to dilute the already inadequate available lead pool.

At the time of this writing we were unable to find any banner ads anywhere or pay per click advertising for ePerks on google using keywords they would be likely to target. Delisting by google might explain such a drop in traffic, as shown above, but at the time of this writing ePerks has around 60k pages indexed, further indicating that cessation of marketing activities is the cause.

Further Confirmation. measures Pay-Per-Click advertising used by advertisers and indicates that ePerks stopped all advertising in February.

One early ePerks adopter we spoke with quickly ditched the program when “it became clear that their marketing strategy did not work and appeared to consist of a one tier approach of posting their one commercial on”. In all likelihood, according to the data in the charts above, ePerks ceased whatever marketing it was engaging in at the end of January, even though it continues to collects fees from past customers and new signups. Such data fuels speculation and online chatter that a class action lawsuit is inevitable.

Sloppy on the Simplest of Tasks. The screen shot below shows the domain name registrant information for They have provided a false address, false phone number, and questionable email address. Per ICANN, this is grounds for cancellation of the domain name.

Notice that Ben was able to input the correct information for the soon to be launched

Engaging the Industry the ePerks / Ben Behrouzi Way

Attacking Critics. Perhaps the most egregious of all of ePerk’s indiscretions has been how it has handled its critics, online peers and customers. In perhaps the single largest real estate marketing debacle of 2008, ePerks has managed to turn one of the original pay per post bloggers it hired to write a blog review for the company, Vlad Zablotskyy of, into one of its most vocal opponents. With ePerk’s decision to send a cease and desist letter to Vlad, ePerks instantly transformed into a negative ePerks publicity machine and lightning rod that has created a grassroots underdog pseudo-celebrity in Vlad with the full sympathy and support of the real estate community, including heavy weight real estate bloggers like Greg Swann and even spawning (update: link removed as website no longer operational)”.

Excerpts From the ePerks Cease and Desist Letter:

Your blogs create the false impression you are inviting comments from legitimate ePerks customers, when the truth is your only goal is to cast ePerks in a negative light for personal gain. In that regard, your blogs deceptively fail to inform the reader that you are motivated by an undisclosed proprietary interest in an ePerks competitor.

We have determined that our damages as a direct result of your activities are in multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars. Such substantial money and brand name damages can no longer be tolerated.

You are hereby instructed to promptly do the following: (1) shutter and prevent access to all blogs with any ePerks reference or content; (2)remove any record of their existence; (3) terminate any links pointing to any blogs that reference ePerks; and (4) cease and desist from any and all current and future digital, print, Internet or verbal reference to or Brabus Venture Corporation. This includes closing down your January 28, 2008 blog that continues to direct readers to your previous remarks and postings. We demand that you complete these actions immediately, and in no event later than five days of this letter. Your failure to comply will result in prompt legal action, including, but not limited to, a claim of money damages and appropriate restraining orders.

We will be closely monitoring your activities. Brabus Ventures Corporation continues to reserve any and all rights under the law, including the right to pursue any and legal remedies against you, your employer, your clients, and/or your web host. Should you have any questions or comments about the contents of this letter, please contact the undersigned.

Any resistance to our demands will be met with swift and decisive action.

We will be closely monitoring your activities.

ePerks fails to name the competitor that Vlad has a “proprietary interest” in and fails to make any connection between Vlad and any such competitor.

CEO, Ben Behrouzi later followed up with this email:

“I have no idea what you just did but clearly your mind shifts like the wind. I have now made my effort to work outside of the legal system and have no regrets with the suit that we will file shortly, which will stay in California for various reasons you’ll be made aware of by the way.

At this point any and all of your activities are being recorded by the watchful eyes of our legal team for use in assessing damages.

At this point I am ending your conversations on proposals, as this avenue and conversation are now over.” – CEO, Ben Behrouzi

Glass Houses. BrokerScience has uncovered evidence that suggests ePerks or their representatives have engaged in the exact behavior it accuses of in the C & D letter above. In this post, all seeded or fake comments are easy to detect because they all originate from Brentwood. Among the fake pro ePerks comments are also comments denouncing and an apparent ePerks competitor, There are multiple attacks on and oddly these same attacks praise ePerks, CEO Ben Behrouzi, celebrate that ePerks has a board, and even give a short Behrouzi bio. In case you are not convinced, simply “just be running google searches” to learn more about Ben.

Disturbing. When Vlad confronted one of the persons leaving fake positive reviews in the comments section of a post Vlad wrote about ePerks on, the following correspondence took place (we do not purport that this has any connection to Ben Behrouzi or ePerks in any way, shape or form, but this is relevant in the time line of events and as it relates to Vlad’s communications with ePerks regarding the matter):

From: Jaffar Sadighi
To: Vlad Zablotskyy
Sent: Friday, January 25, 2008 2:48:08 PM
Hehe. Vlad, I want you to know I eat people like you for breakfast. You are simply pouring fuel. I will enjoy this one.
—– Original Message —-
From: Vlad Zablotskyy
To: Jaffar Sadighi
Sent: Thursday, January 24, 2008 2:48:08 PM
Subject: One word for you: BANNED

You are banned from leaving further comments on my blogs. Enjoy your life.

Shortly thereafter, the following was entered on Yahoo Answers using the the same name that was used in the correspondence above, “Jaffar S“:

This curious blog has popped up (update: blog taken down, link removed) as well promising to enlighten the world with information about Vlad Zablotskyy.

In this thread (update: Dennis has password protected link, so we’ve removed it), Dennis Pease shares his encounter with ePerk’s Compliance Director, Ramesh Birla (no longer with ePerks according to California DRE records) and provides more details in this thread at RealEstateWebmasters as well (note that this post starts as a fake post seeded by ePerks, but turns into a platform for users sharing their negative experience with the company, this is common):

Just so it is public record (sic) Compliance Director Mr Ramesh Birla has called me 3 times tonight starting at 7:15 PM, first making threats that I will be taken care of in his words.

Net Effect. A google search for “ePerks” shows 4 of the top 10 posts are negative. The blogosphere buzz and interest is growing day by day with Vlad Zablotskyy playing the role of martyr.

Exit Strategy

Since ePerk’s traffic death spiral indicates that ePerks has stopped marketing and thrown in the towel, this may signal that it is on its way or already in the deadpool. The widespread fake comment seeding and ad spend for marketing as shown by traffic data both seem to dramatically decrease at the beginning of February. In all likelihood this is because Ben has left ePerks to die a slow death yet it appears that ePerks is still continuing operations and taking in revenue from members and new signups. Enter, Ben’s latest and soon to launch startup.

Ihype, a clone, launches on June 2, 2008. That’s right, hot off the heels of the ePerks debacle, Ben Behrouzi is gravitating towards one of the sleaziest models on the internet, paid post advertising, following in the footsteps of the infamous

You Can Earn Over $10,000 Per Month Writing About Anything! – / Craigslist Ads

In True Spammer Behrouzi Fashion: In these comments for an unrelated article (a full 4 months before Ihype has even launched) “Britney” spams that “new website coming out called i’m hearing a lot of cool stuff about it” . You can find more seeded comments (update: bad links removed), a paid post here, and a hilarious paid post here, where the paid poster confuses the with (an energy drink) and praises the energy drink site on accident.

The Moral of this Amoral Story

It is no secret that leadership starts at the top and shapes the moral and ethical fiber and culture of a company. The behaviors exhibited be ePerks paint the picture of a company that operates outside the bounds of any ethical or moral code. The upshot of this story is that it was supposed to be about brand destruction, but the truth is that the evidence suggests that Ben never intended to build a brand with ePerks or that he simply gave up.

While I despise, they have built out their company and infrastructure to support and grow their user base. I can say without hesitation, that in my opinion, Ben Behrouzi is in no way capable of doing the same with At the time of this writing, days before launch, the 800 number goes directly to a voicemail that isn’t even set up. Ihype is simultaneously advertising that they have thousands of users while their paid post jobs board shows nothing but test jobs.

Ben has demonstrated his lack of leadership abilities with ePerks and has clearly shown where he stands in regards to ethics in business. By all appearances, he does not seem capable of building a brand nor growing a business on his own. ePerk’s failure to perform further validates speculation that his early success was more due to co-founder and uncle Payman Zamani then his own business acumen. Further confirmation is found in the recent threats against and others as such actions are clearly not the actions of an intelligent and dynamic CEO, but those of an immature and inexperienced business person content on using brute force in lieu of tact and sound business strategies.

(ePerks CEO, Ben Behrouzi did not respond to requests for inclusion in this story.)

TechCrunch LeapFish Coverage

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16 Responses to “ePerks: A Case Study in Greed and Self-Imposed Brand Destruction”

  • Hi Trace

    Wonderful post, and I was heading for a similar article which I will probably still write, but from a slightly different angle.

    I am actually a supporter of PayPerPost and similar companies because I believe it can work. I have proven it can work in just they same way affiliate marketing with word of mouth marketing can work. I am also a big evangelist for disclosure.

    The problem with PayPerPost is that not everyone is as good a writer as you are, and the fees they are willing to accept for 20 minutes because someone just wants a link don’t encourage quality.

    One of the reasons you might not see many negative reviews is that which 100% honest person is willing to accept payment only to totally destroy a company.

    I have turned down a lot of very promising reviews where I found massive faults in a company that might have destroyed them. I opted to drop them an email where possible, or just decline the review.

    This is all relevant, because ultimately, from what I have seen, iHype and Ben Behrouzi don’t understand the blogosphere, and in my personal opinion could never be trusted to give bloggers 100% editorial control over what they write.

    If as I do you look on paid posts as a form of open consulting, at a discount, then total honesty is vital. I have helped make quite significant changes within companies through my reviews, though I think for many I might be a little too up front on some of the thigs I find wrong.

    Ihype will never be a forum for honest blogging.

  • Andy: The Ihype component was a bit of a surprise. Most in the real estate space that have covered this story were not aware of Ihype, myself included. When I became aware of Ihype the pieces fit together…. it didn’t make sense that Eperk’s traffic would just dive and they would allow this to occur so when I learned about Ihype, it made sense….. the reason Eperks has been abandoned, if you will, is because they are likely focusing on Ihype…..

    As much as everybody loves to hate Ted Murphy, myself included, they have grown, added features, and acted like a real company, whether or not one agrees with their model…. that being said, Ihype promises to be an utter train wreck. If there is any demographic that is going to call you out when you don’t perform or worse don’t pay them, bloggers are it. If Ihype manages to get off the ground it will likely implode in a fireball of mismanagement, accusations and unpaid debts. This will be yet more leverage against the payperpost model for those that are against it…. simply because a bad apple tried to enter the space…. it will be interesting to watch … in any case.

  • Very revealing Trace. None of it is surprising and with the way Behrouzi has mismanaged this company so completely I can’t imagine how his attorneys could possibly blame Vlad for their business failure. You can not blame bloggers for revealing their experience with what they perceive to be unethical business practices.

  • Its a shame this type of site is being produced once again. The blogging market in the past few years has exploded (grew) without the motivation of these types of pay-sites. Usually people do not just sign up to write blogs for money which is what IHype seems to attract. The people that actually do sign up for these accounts just want to make the easy money or they actually have an opinion about the product they are commissioned to write about. Maybe sticking to ads will be the best way to make money and write with whatever alignment you choose.

  • I’ve been corresponding with Vlad about the ePerks saga. Someone is still posting negative comments alluding to the Yahoo nonsense. I doubt even the best PR firm in the world could salvage ePerks at this point. What kind of strategy is suing someone for printing the truth? A simple acknowledgment of a problem and plan to fix it has worked well for numerous companies in the past….

  • Instead of taking the high road and attempting to correct their business mistakes in marketing I believe Ben Behrouzi is continuing down the wrong road at full speed. iHype is nothing to be proud of.

  • You stated that “Ben has demonstrated his lack of leadership abilities with ePerks and has clearly shown where he stands in regards to ethics in business. By all appearances, he does not seem capable of building a brand nor growing a business on his own.”

    I could not agree more. I worked under Ben several years ago at the company he co-founded with his uncle, and his management style is all at once threatening, intimidating, and tyrannical. He is a pathetic excuse for a corporate exec, and seriously needs to halt his half-ass efforts at brand-building and sleazy marketing “campaigns” and rethink his long-term strategy.

    Unfortunately, long-term planning is not one of Ben’s strong suits, so ultimately there really is no way this guy is going to succeed. He’s blown almost every business opportunity he’s ever had. Unless his general attitude towards “customer service” and “corporate culture” changes, then sadly, there’s no hope for him in *any* industry.

    Note I am not trying to slander Ben in a public forum, only to relate my experiences working for him and the impression with which he’d left me. Hopefully I don’t get sued by Mr. Behrouzi for speaking my mind; he seems to have real issues about people doing just that.

  • Wow, this is shocking I just obtained my real estate license in March 08 I’ve signed a contract with Brabus Real Estate Company to work as an Agent for them I think I should find another company to work for please email me at my address listed.

  • ShopToEarn is bullying bloggers and threatening legal action in an attempt to stop them from voicing their opinions about the company. Please check out my most recent post on the situation, and consider writing about it on your blog. The only way to stop this aggressive behavior is by standing up to it.

  • I was another sucker for eperks. I can’t understand how guys like eperks and click smart get away with robbery. Tell you that they will generate new business for your company and after about 2 month you realize that nothing that anyone on there staff have said anything true. I was told that this is the best way to advertise on the internet gauranteed. So I give them my credit card info and start an account finding out later that I myself couldn’t find eperks myself let alone any potentional customers. So I call thier offices telling that this is not what I was told by the sales person abd would like my money back. So I get a call back from a manger and i am told that I will recieve a refund in 3 to 5 days. I keep watching my bank account any realize after 5 days there is no refund yet. So I call again now I talk to isabelle account manger and she saize sorry about what has happen and she will have answer for me In a day or 2. Five more days have now gone by and no answers yet. So keep calling she’s never there for like another 2 weeks. So at this point realize some thing wrong. Finally after calling every day for 2 weeks she answer and seize now we are not going to refund you. And I don’t know who told you we would refund your money back. So I ask here don’t you record all these conversations she seize only some of them. Oh so I guess you don’t record the part that seize if your not satified with our service we will refund money. Then I tell her that I am going to dispute the charge to my acoount. She has the nerve to tell me If you do that we will sell your debt. to 3 rd. party collection agency. My comment to this is” in our falling economy and the fact that joe painter looking for advertising help get rip off again” I hope isabelle doesn’t need her money to feed her children like I. Sincery yours, Rip off painting contractor!!!!!!

  • I am a real estate agent and digruntled former customer of ePerks who has been now waiting over four months for my refund, while being forced to submit to a host of unusual and unreasonable requests that I did not sign up for. This company has not only shafted me while I was on their service by discontinuing my territories without notice, claiming I was sent an e-mail and did not respond making me ineligible for the money back guarantee, I am getting bent over once again.

    Now, four months after submitting my original request for refund, due to, what a surprise, no return on investment and only one lead in ten months (who didn’t even speak English and didn’t return my calls or e-mails), they are forcing me to give the names, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses of all the clients I sold homes to during that period. I refuse to do that as it is totally unprofessional and a breach of trust among my clients. Not to mention, don’t you think they would be pissed if they found out that I was offering a 20% rebate an didn’t offer it to them? When I refused to give anything other than their names in order to cross reference against their records, their robot in “customer support” told me I sound like I have something to hide. Contact information for clients is obviously something a professional would be unwilling to provide, I was ever told I would have to provide this implicitly or explicitly when I signed up. What a joke!

    Well, after spending countless hours on the phone with these monkeys and writing e-mails and this post, I have had it. I am looking for other disruntled customers who have shared similar experiences and a lawyer who is willing to go after Ben Behrouzi, ePerks, Brabus Ventures, Dot Next, Leapfish, or whatever fraudulent brand he is now destroying at the expense of defrauded customers.

  • Good Luck Sue Eperks, last I heard eperks filed for bankruptcy protection. They definitely don’t make it a habit to act in an ethical manner.

  • Eugene, Do you have any confirmation that ePerks has filed for bankruptcy?
    Like Sue, I am a former ePerks agent. I started with them when the site was in Beta, only agreeing to join because ePerks promised a full refund if I continued with the service for 8 months and did not have any return on investment. Well, I had NO leads. I did provide the information required for my refund, and received a certificate last Spring, promising my refund on December 15, 2008. When I called asking about my refund I was told by Michael Andres that the company did not have the money to refund my $1087.04. Instead he offered two options: a settlement of 20% ($217.40), or 1/12 of the amount owed paid monthly until paid in full. However, he says the company is on the verge of bankruptcy, and so he highly recommends taking the 20% settlement. He indicated the ‘fund’ for refunds is shrinking fast and I had best make my decision right away, implying that I may get nothing. Apparently Mr. Ben Behrouzi is planning to start up another company. If he can afford to do that, he should be able to honor the commitments made to ePerks customers! Has anyone heard of a class action suit against this company? Any advice on how best to get my full refund?

  • Jackie, I do not know for sure if they filed. The website I originally saw it on was threatened with a lawsuit by Behrouzi (again) and the article was removed. Check this link out and any California Bankruptcy sources you can find.

    In my opinion they can not survive and they damn sure won’t get a bailout. Every article I have read by an agent about them states how they’ve been treated unethically (actually lied to and ripped off).

    For God’s sake agents, do a little background check on anyone before you do business with them. If they insist the deal is only good right now and try to pressure you, hang up on them. As agents we are slammed with phone calls constantly by scam artists….. Beware! It is very hard to get a refund from an unethical company that never intended to give you one to begin with. IF they WERE an ethical company and cared about their business name they would promptly give any promised refunds. Funny I have never heard of them doing that.

  • Wow, great information. I had this eperks website bookmarked to take a look at it in the future. So glad I came across this page. Unfortunately, there are many companies out there that take advantage of the real estate agents all across the USA. I have extensive knowledge of marketing and websites and know that most promise you the world but provide nothing at all. Don’t fall for the lead generation websites either. The leads are all junk. I fell for the crap and spent a ton of money off nothing at all…

    The best way to get business is a well designed website that is user friendly. Have a lead capture and just keep up on it!

    Thanks for creating this page, just hope it makes people avoid making these costly mistakes.

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