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Category | Uncategorized Hacked Day 8: It’s Not Going Away

Once daily posts halted for a week. 36 hour delay in acknowledging hack. 19 hours of downtime. No communication with the Realtor community as to whether their personal data was compromised or even an acknowledgment that the site was even hacked. Previous Coverage: It all started here.

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Tags: , , Hacked Day 7: Nobody Notices or Cares

For the seventh day in a row is failing to communicate with its community regarding the hack that we first reported on June 4th. is approaching one week with no blog posts, no communication with its paid users and increasing doubt in its ability to run a blog, let alone one of the […]

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Tags: , , Hacked Day 5: Communication Breakdown

The original posts that had spam injected to them have been removed. The daily blog posts have halted and communication about the situation is non-existent. This is turning uglier by the minute. Where is Blaine Cooke when you need him? {sarcasm}

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Tags: , , Blog Hacked Day 3: Down for 17 Hours and Counting

(Previous coverage – Hacked Day 1 / Hacked Day 2) At around 7 PM last night the Blog was taken offline. 17 hours later and counting, they are still down. The speculation is that a wordpress plugin was at fault, but that remains to be seen. We are still scratching our […]

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Tags: , , Blog Hacked Day 2: Google Delisting on the Horizon

For the second day in a row, has failed to secure their website after it was hacked as we reported yesterday. Their failure to secure can have many implications, depending on how badly the site has been compromised. These range from the possible exposure of user’s personal data to the very real possibility […]

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Tags: , , Blog Hacked

As I was browing through my feeds this morning I came across the following feed (original post here) that has had spam injected into it. The spam shows up in the original post source code but is not displayed in because of the use of the “style=display:hidden” tag, a common tactic by hackers. I would […]

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Son of ePerks:

Due to the interest generated by our coverage of ePerks and the apparent abandonment of its users by CEO Ben Behrouzi, we’ve decided to bring you some pre-launch coverage of Ben Behrouzi’s newest startup which is launching tomorow, Not surprisingly, one day before launch, the 800 number goes to what sounds like a cell […]

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ePerks: A Case Study in Greed and Self-Imposed Brand Destruction

As the demand for transparency in business continues to grow in the brave new web two point something world of today, maintaining your company’s brand has never been more important. For this reason it has never been as crucial for companies to not only engage and interact with their customers in new online mediums and […]

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